How it Works


Qualification is quick and simple
Minimum 6 months in business
Minimum 10,000 monthly

Speak to account representative
Submit application
Wait 24 Hours

Evaluate presented funding scenario
Complete authorization process
Funds transferred to your account

We collect only small % of your sales
Refinancing is available
Access to revolving line of credit

What our customers say about us

  • Never had any problems.

    We've been doing business with Elite Merchant Capital for 5 years and we never had any problems. Not only did they front us working capital to open a second location, their easy re-payment program is simple and painless. If not for Working Capital from Elite Merchant we don’t know where our business would be today.

    John Davis.

    2 Days Ago
  • With Elite I did not have to worry.

    “Elite Merchant Capital made my life so much easier. With Elite I did not have to worry my debt going into collections which hurt my credit score. There was no fear of a lengthy application process followed by rejection. I was approved the next day, and had the working capital in my account by the next week.

    Daniel Saenz.

    2 Days Ago
  • They advanced me working capital.

    “ I had a lot of problems when I tried for a traditional bank loan. From ridiculous interest rates and hidden penalties, I decided not to go the traditional bank route for my loan. With Elite, they advanced me working capital and within 2 days it was deposited in my account and I settled back taxes and marketed my restaurant.

    Tina Reed.

    2 Days Ago
  • Helped me go from a small sushi cafe, to a five star rated restaurant!

    “Elite Working Capital has helped me go from a small sushi cafe, to a five star rated restaurant!

    Bok Jados.

    2 Days Ago